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By using these hypnosis recordings you are creating a hypnotic connection with me to be your personal guide to positive changes in your life.

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101 Hypnosis Downloads Collection

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Special Offer

101 Hypnosis Downloads Collection

€399.99 €29.99

Discover 101 Hypnosis MP3 Downloads for self-improvement and relaxation. From Anxiety, stress relief to motivation, start your journey today



FREE Hypnosis Recording - Power Nap Hypnosis

Power Nap Hypnosis Mp 3
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What are the benefits of owning this Hypnosis collection

  1. Diverse Solutions: Covers a wide range of issues, from anxiety relief and confidence building to specific concerns like fear of dentists or blushing.
  2. Convenience: Easily accessible recordings that can be used at home or on the go, allowing for flexibility in when and where you choose to listen.
  3. Cost-Effective: A one-time investment in a broad collection can be more economical than multiple therapy sessions or individual recordings.
  4. Self-Improvement: Facilitates continuous personal development, helping you to address various aspects of your life and achieve personal goals.
  5. Mental Health Support: Provides tools for managing stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues, contributing to overall mental well-being.
  6. Physical Health: Supports physical health goals such as weight loss, muscle growth, asthma relief, and even issues like grinding teeth or menopausal symptoms.
  7. Skill Enhancement: Boosts skills and abilities in areas such as public speaking, creative writing, sports performance, and more.
  8. Emotional Healing: Aids in overcoming past traumas, forgiving others, and dealing with issues like divorce, jealousy, and low self-esteem.
  9. Relationship Improvement: Enhances relationship dynamics through hypnosis for assertiveness, romantic behavior, and improving sexual satisfaction.
  10. Life Balance: Promotes a balanced lifestyle by addressing areas like stress reduction, positive attitude, and achieving a harmonious life balance.
  11. Specialized Needs: Offers solutions for niche concerns like astral travel, past life regression, and meeting inner wisdom figures, catering to specific spiritual and metaphysical interests.
  12. Habit Control: Helps in controlling or eliminating unwanted habits such as smoking, alcohol intake, gambling, binge eating, and more.
  13. Enhanced Focus: Improves concentration and productivity with recordings aimed at eliminating procrastination, enhancing study habits, and boosting memory.
  14. Increased Confidence: Builds self-confidence and assertiveness, which can be beneficial in both personal and professional settings.
  15. Better Sleep: Assists with sleep issues, providing recordings that promote deep relaxation and restful sleep, crucial for overall health.
  16. Motivation: Encourages motivation for success in various areas, including career, weight loss, exercise, and more.
  17. Health and Wellness: Addresses specific health concerns like blood pressure, psoriasis, and heartburn, contributing to overall wellness.
  18. Creative Boost: Stimulates creativity and helps overcome blocks, such as writer’s block, enhancing creative expression.
  19. Fear and Phobia Management: Helps in overcoming common fears and phobias, like fear of the dark, turbulence, crowds, and driving tests.
  20. Personalized Therapy: Offers a customizable approach to self-therapy, allowing you to select recordings that fit your specific needs at any given time.

Tips for getting the best results with Hypnosis

To maximize the benefits of hypnosis, consistency is key. Here’s a daily tip to help you achieve better results:

Create a Daily Routine:

  1. Set a Specific Time: Choose a time each day when you can practice hypnosis without interruptions. Consistency in timing helps condition your mind to enter a relaxed state more easily. Early morning or before bedtime are often ideal times.
  2. Create a Comfortable Environment: Find a quiet, comfortable space where you can sit or lie down without distractions. Dim the lights, eliminate noise, and ensure you're in a position that allows you to relax fully.
  3. Set a Clear Intention: Before you begin, set a clear intention for your session. Whether it's reducing stress, enhancing focus, or building confidence, having a specific goal helps direct your subconscious mind.
  4. Practice Deep Breathing: Start your session with a few minutes of deep breathing. This helps calm your mind and prepares your body for hypnosis.
  5. Visualize Your Goals: During the session, visualize your goals as vividly as possible. Engage all your senses in this visualization to make it more powerful and effective.
  6. Be Patient and Persistent: Hypnosis is a gradual process, and results may take time. Be patient with yourself and persistent in your practice. Regular sessions will reinforce positive changes over time.
  7. Keep a Journal: After each session, take a few minutes to write down any thoughts, feelings, or experiences you had during hypnosis. This helps you track your progress and notice subtle changes.

By incorporating these steps into a daily routine, you can enhance the effectiveness of hypnosis and achieve your desired results more quickly. Consistent practice not only trains your mind but also builds a habit of relaxation and positive thinking, leading to lasting benefits.

List of Recordings You will Get

1 Anxiety Relief Hypnosis

  1. Find Soul Mate Hypnosis 
  2. Akashic Records Hypnosis
  3. Assertiveness Hypnosis for Confidence
  4. Asthma Relief Hypnosis
  5. Astral Travel Hypnosis
  6. Attract Unlimited Wealth Hypnosis
  7. Beat Writers Block Hypnosis
  8. Becoming Successful Hypnosis
  9. Being More Romantic Hypnosis
  10. Breast Reduction Hypnosis
  11. Breast Enlargement with Hypnosis.
  12. Boost Muscle Growth
  13. Boost Masculinity Hypnosis
  14. Body Image Hypnosis
  15. Being Young At Heart Hypnosis
  16. Creativity Hypnosis
  17. Dealing with Divorce Hypnosis
  18. Driving Test Fear Hypnosis
  19. Deep Sleep Now Hypnosis
  20. Deep Relaxation Hypnosis
  21. Eliminate Blushing Hypnosis
  22. Enjoy Exercising for weightloss Hypnosis
  23. Enhance your Sex Life Hypnosis
  24. Extreme Dating Confidence Hypnosis
  25. Enjoy to Exercise Hypnosis
  26. ESP Development with Hypnosis
  27. Eliminate wedding Nerves Hypnosis
  28. End Sex and Pornography Addiction Hypnosis
  29. ESP Development with Hypnosis
  30. Find Your Passion Hypnosis
  31. Forgiveness Hypnosis
  32. Fear of the Dark Hypnosis
  33. Fear Of Dentist Hypnosis
  34. Finding Love Hypnosis
  35. Feel happier in life hypnosis
  36. Fear of Turbulence Hypnosis
  37. Fear of Crowds Hypnosis
  38. Freedom From Stuttering Hypnosis
  39. Feminization Hypnosis
  40. Gastric Band Hypnosis
  41. Getting a painless tattoo Hypnosis
  42. Get Perfect Job Hypnosis
  43. Grinding Teeth Hypnosis
  44. Hypnosis For Blushing
  45. Hypnosis for relief of Gag Reflex
  46. Hypnosis stop over analyzing
  47. Hypnotic Face Lift Hypnosis
  48. Hypnosis for Menopause Hot Flushes
  49. Hypnosis for Road Rage
  50. Hypnotic virtual gastric band hypnosis
  51. Hypnosis for heart burn
  52. Healing Psoriasis Hypnosis
  53. Having a positive attitude Hypnosis
  54. Have more Balance in life Hypnosis
  55. Hypnotic Holiday
  56. Increase Performance in Sport Hypnosis
  57. Inner Wisdom Meet the Wise Old Man Hypnosis
  58. Increase Metabolism Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis
  59. Increase sexual Satisfaction Hypnosis
  60. Increase Sexual Libido Hypnosis
  61. Improve Your World Hypnosis
  62. Improve Mental Running Endurance Hypnosis
  63. Improve Your Eysight Hypnosis
  64. Ignore Snoring Hypnosis
  65. Improved creative Writing Hypnosis
  66. Increase Christmas Spirit Hypnosis
  67. Let go jealousy Hypnosis
  68. Motivation For Success Hypnosis
  69. Master Poker Playing Hypnosis
  70. Motivation for Weightloss Hypnosis
  71. Master Negotiator hypnosis
  72. No More Nightmares Hypnosis
  73. No More Panic attacks Hypnosis
  74. No More Bedwetting Hypnosis
  75. Past life train Hypnosis
  76. Memory Booster Hypnosis
  77. Perfect Interview Confidence Hypnosis
  78. Play Golf Like Champion Hypnosis
  79. Perfect Memory Hypnosis
  80. Perfect Actor Audition Hypnosis
  81. Power Nap Hypnosis
  82. Psychic Journey Hypnosis
  83. Perfect Study Habits Hypnosis
  84. Public Speaking Hypnosis
  85. Preparing To stop Smoking Forever
  86. Quit smoking forever Hypnosis
  87. Running Endurance Hypnosis
  88. Release Excess Weight Hypnosis
  89. Relax and reduce Blood Pressure hypnosis
  90. Monster Confidence Hypnosis
  91. Reduce Alchohol Intake Hypnosis
  92. Sleep Deeply Each night Hypnosis
  93. Sexual Fulfillment Hypnosis
  94. Stop Binge Eating Hypnosis
  95. Speed Reading Hypnosis
  96. Sales mastery Hypnosis
  97. Stepping stones to past present and future Hypnosis
  98. Super Self Confidence Hypnosis
  99. Solve Problems as you Sleep Hypnosis
  100. Stop Gambling Hypnosis
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Introducing the Complete Collection of 101 Hypnosis Recordings, the ultimate tool to help you achieve your goals and transform your life!

With this comprehensive collection of hypnosis recordings, you'll have access to a wide range of powerful tools and techniques designed to help you improve your health, wealth, relationships, and more. Whether you're looking to overcome anxiety and stress, boost your confidence and self-esteem, or improve your sleep and relaxation, our hypnosis recordings have got you covered.

With over 101 professionally recorded sessions, you'll enjoy the convenience of being able to download them as mp3 files, so you can listen to them anytime, anywhere, on any device. And with our high-quality recordings, you can be sure that you're getting the most effective and powerful hypnosis experience possible.

So what are the benefits of using hypnosis recordings?

Firstly, hypnosis is a powerful tool for improving your mental and emotional well-being. By using hypnosis, you can access your subconscious mind and reprogram your beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors. This can help you overcome limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, and emotional blockages, allowing you to achieve your goals and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Secondly, hypnosis can help you improve your physical health. Studies have shown that hypnosis can be effective for reducing chronic pain, improving sleep, and even helping with weight loss. By using our hypnosis recordings, you can tap into the power of your mind to achieve optimal health and well-being.

Finally, hypnosis can be a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. By using our hypnosis recordings, you can unlock your full potential and achieve your wildest dreams. Whether you're looking to improve your career, your relationships, or your overall quality of life, our hypnosis recordings can help you get there.

So don't wait any longer - order the Complete Collection of 101 Hypnosis Recordings today and start transforming your life!


1 Anxiety Relief Hypnosis

2. Find Soul Mate Hypnosis 

3. Akashic Records Hypnosis

4. Assertiveness Hypnosis for Confidence

5. Asthma Relief Hypnosis

6. Astral Travel Hypnosis

7. Attract Unlimited Wealth Hypnosis

8. Beat Writers Block Hypnosis

9. Becoming Successful Hypnosis

10. Being More Romantic Hypnosis

11. Breast Reduction Hypnosis

12. Breast Enlargement with Hypnosis.

13. Boost Muscle Growth

14. Boost Masculinity Hypnosis

15. Body Image Hypnosis

16. Being Young At Heart Hypnosis

17. Creativity Hypnosis

18. Dealing with Divorce Hypnosis

19. Driving Test Fear Hypnosis

20. Deep Sleep Now Hypnosis

21. Deep Relaxation Hypnosis

22. Eliminate Blushing Hypnosis

23. Enjoy Exercising for weightloss Hypnosis

24. Enhance your Sex Life Hypnosis

25. Extreme Dating Confidence Hypnosis

26. Enjoy to Exercise Hypnosis

27. ESP Development with Hypnosis

28. Eliminate wedding Nerves Hypnosis

29. End Sex and Pornography Addiction Hypnosis

30. ESP Development with Hypnosis

31. Find Your Passion Hypnosis

32. Forgiveness Hypnosis

33. Fear of the Dark Hypnosis

34. Fear Of Dentist Hypnosis

35. Finding Love Hypnosis

36. Feel happier in life hypnosis

37. Fear of Turbulence Hypnosis

38. Fear of Crowds Hypnosis

39. Freedom From Stuttering Hypnosis

40. Feminization Hypnosis

41. Gastric Band Hypnosis

42. Getting a painless tattoo Hypnosis

43. Get Perfect Job Hypnosis

44. Grinding Teeth Hypnosis

45. Hypnosis For Blushing

46. Hypnosis for relief of Gag Reflex

47. Hypnosis stop over analyzing

48. Hypnotic Face Lift Hypnosis

49. Hypnosis for Menopause Hot Flushes

50. Hypnosis for Road Rage

51. Hypnotic virtual gastric band hypnosis

52. Hypnosis for heart burn

53. Healing Psoriasis Hypnosis

54. Having a positive attitude Hypnosis

55. Have more Balance in life Hypnosis

56. Hypnotic Holiday

57. Increase Performance in Sport Hypnosis

58. Inner Wisdom Meet the Wise Old Man Hypnosis

59. Increase Metabolism Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis

60. Increase sexual Satisfaction Hypnosis

61. Increase Sexual Libido Hypnosis

62. Improve Your World Hypnosis

63. Improve Mental Running Endurance Hypnosis

64. Improve Your Eysight Hypnosis

65. Ignore Snoring Hypnosis

66. Improved creative Writing Hypnosis

67. Increase Christmas Spirit Hypnosis

68. Let go jealousy Hypnosis

69. Motivation For Success Hypnosis

70. Master Poker Playing Hypnosis

71. Motivation for Weightloss Hypnosis

72. Master Negotiator hypnosis

73. No More Nightmares Hypnosis

74. No More Panic attacks Hypnosis

75. No More Bedwetting Hypnosis

76. Past life train Hypnosis

77. Memory Booster Hypnosis

78. Perfect Interview Confidence Hypnosis

79. Play Golf Like Champion Hypnosis

80. Perfect Memory Hypnosis

81. Perfect Actor Audition Hypnosis

82. Power Nap Hypnosis

83. Psychic Journey Hypnosis

84. Perfect Study Habits Hypnosis

85. Public Speaking Hypnosis

86. Preparing To stop Smoking Forever

87. Quit smoking forever Hypnosis

88. Running Endurance Hypnosis

89. Release Excess Weight Hypnosis

90. Relax and reduce Blood Pressure hypnosis

91. Monster Confidence Hypnosis

92. Reduce Alchohol Intake Hypnosis

93. Sleep Deeply Each night Hypnosis

94. Sexual Fulfillment Hypnosis

95. Stop Binge Eating Hypnosis

96. Speed Reading Hypnosis

97. Sales mastery Hypnosis

98. Stepping stones to past present and future Hypnosis

99. Super Self Confidence Hypnosis

100. Solve Problems as you Sleep Hypnosis

101. Stop Gambling Hypnosis



Bonus Tennis Champion Hypnosis

Bonus Weight Control Hypnosis

My Name is Alan Kirwan

Premium  Udemy Instructor with 54 online training courses. 

I love to make positive changes in peoples lives by creating easy to follow techniques with impressive results.

I am a qualified in the use of Hypnosis and hypnotherapy with a private clinical practice in Ballyjamesduff County Cavan Ireland and I specialize in EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique ) combined with Hypnosis and  NLP.

To help people overcome emotional disorders, diet free weight loss, quit smoking, overcome fear and pain control, I also help people with behavior problems and I have been a author and creator of self help  videos and audio programs.

My passion is to discover new ways to help as many people as quickly and easily as I can so they can begin to overcome their limitations improve confidence and enjoy the life they deserve


Hypnotherapist , CBT , EFT , Certified Life Skills Consultant  , Analytical Psychotherapeutic Counselor , Certified Life Coach ,  NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Trainer 


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