If you have ever wondered how stage hypnotist and street hypnosis rapid hypnosis Inductions work you will learn a step by step approach for success using a rapid hypnosis induction.

Rapid hypnosis inductions are not used by most hypnotists because of fear of failure they mostly use progressive relaxation techniques or indirect Ericksonian Hypnosis Inductions and even though hypnotist have great success using these types of inductions most would like to be able to do rapid hypnosis or handshake inductions made popular by Richard Bandler.

But it is the fear of failure that holds them back, however they would not need to have this fear once they understand all the steps that must be in place for success every time.

Some may say that is a big claim to say to have success every time you do a rapid hypnosis induction but just like any good recipe for bread once all the ingredients are added you get fresh bread every time.

The demonstration video for this course breaks down every tiny step needed for you to have success Hypnotizing people.

I have also added other rapid hypnosis induction videos with complete transcripts that you can download so that you can study what I am doing from what you will learn from the demonstration video.

It is also very important to have a positive intention or outcome for doing rapid hypnosis inductions as you will be subconsciously sub-comunicating your intentions and your confidence level to the person and this may have an impact on whether you are successful or not.

If the person you are hypnotizing is happy and feels safe being hypnotized by you.

 You will easily hypnotize them with a rapid hypnosis induction once you follow all the steps, I am going to teach you in this easy-to-follow course.


Download step by step training of how to Hypnotize anyone using rapid hypnosis techniques

What you will learn

  1. All the steps required for a successful rapid hypnosis Induction
  2. How to perform the Zonk Rapid hypnosis Induction with full PDF transcript
  3. How to Perform the magic point Rapid hypnosis Induction with full PDF transcript
  4. How to perform the hand drop Rapid hypnosis Induction with full PDF transcript
  5. How to perform the Elman Hypnosis Induction with full PDF transcript
  6. How to Perform the short Elman Hypnosis Induction with full PDF transcript

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Including 3 Powerful Hypnosis sessions for more confidence, Motivation & Success 

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My Name is Alan Kirwan

Premium  Udemy Instructor with 54 online training courses. 

I love to make positive changes in peoples lives by creating easy to follow techniques with impressive results.

I am a qualified in the use of Hypnosis and hypnotherapy with a private clinical practice in Ballyjamesduff County Cavan Ireland and I specialize in EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique ) combined with Hypnosis and  NLP.

To help people overcome emotional disorders, diet free weight loss, quit smoking, overcome fear and pain control, I also help people with behavior problems and I have been a author and creator of self help  videos and audio programs.

My passion is to discover new ways to help as many people as quickly and easily as I can so they can begin to overcome their limitations improve confidence and enjoy the life they deserve


Hypnotherapist , CBT , EFT , Certified Life Skills Consultant  , Analytical Psychotherapeutic Counselor , Certified Life Coach ,  NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Trainer 


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